Academic Work

Kilachand is a small, research focused program in which "students leave Boston University with the capacity to understand and confront major challenges as they affirmatively and skillfully engage with diverse social, cultural, scientific, and philosophical perspectives."

Honors Research

As a part of the Kilachand Honors College at Boston University, I've had the opportunity as an upperclassmen to design and investigate my own research topic. This process is 2 years long and results in a variety of creative works showcased at the annual Keystone Symposium. My research topic revolves around access in music education for ELL students; for this project I conducted teacher interviews, collected student information through surveys and analyzed current music education literature. The result of this lengthy process was a research paper with my findings. If you'd like to check out my paper, you can click the below! 

Boston University Cross-College Challenge

The BU Cross-College Challenge (XCC) is an interdisciplinary, project-based course for upperclassmen that gets students from all over the university to participate. The XCC engages students in team projects that address a real-world problem or an enduring human question, chosen by teams themselves, because of their passion about their subject matter. My course was centered around "cross-cultural storytelling" and focused on engaging with international students on campus through interviews and literature-based research. My team explored the topic of naming; the school and life experiences of students in relation to their name and how this played into their self-perception and identity was the main focus. I found this experience very relevant to my life working with students and certainly gained invaluable knowledge on human interaction. 

We presented our findings in a video and presentation at the end-of-semester Expo in December 2022 as well as through a comprehensive research paper. If you'd like to read our paper or watch our video, check out the links below!